How does Smooz work?

Create connections and manage channels

How to create a shared channel with another team?

After you install Smooz, you will get a One-Click Connect link that you can share with a team you want to invite (type help to get it again). The other team just clicks on Add to Slack to create a shared channel with you.

How to invite other teams in an existing shared channel?

Find the shared channel in your Dashboard . Click on Invite team to get a link to share with the team you want to invite. The other team just has to click on Add to Slack to join the existing channel.

What happens when I connect with other teams?

Smooz creates a dedicated channel in both teams' Slack. You don't need to create a channel yourself. The channel conversation will be shared with the other team(s).

Can I make channels private?


Can I rename channels?


Can I change which channel in my team is used as shared channel?

Yes, you can change it from your Dashboard.

Can I leave shared channels?

Yes, you can leave it from your Dashboard. You can also archive the channel in your team to leave the shared channel.

How many teams can I invite in a channel?

You can invite up to 5 other teams in a shared channel.

Can I open several channels with the same team?

Yes. Note that the One-Click Connect link will create only one channel with a specific team. Additional channels must be created from your Dashboard.

Do I need one bot for each team and each channel?

No. One bot is sufficient to manage all your channels.

Commands and Features

What are the available commands?

In a shared channel:

  • Type call to open a free video call with the other teams (up to 8 participants). There is nothing to install, and it's free.
  • Type presence to get the list of participants.

In a shared channel, or in direct message to the Smooz bot:

  • Type help to see the list of commands
  • Type dashboard to access your team dashboard
  • Type feedback 'your message' to send us feedback. We'd love to hear from you!


What can you see in my Slack? Can you read #general?

Smooz can see only what's written in channels shared with other teams. And even if you invite it by mistake in another channel, Smooz does not read the content shared there.

What do the other teams see?

Smooz writes only in channels shared with other teams.
Team A gets only what you write in channel A, Team B gets only what you write in channel B.

What Slack permissions does Smooz request?

Here is the list of permissions:

  • Bot permission: Used to create the Smooz bot that reads/writes in the channel.
  • Channels write permission: Used to create a dedicated channel for each shared channel, and to invite the Smooz bot in them.

Do you store my conversations and my files?

No, we don't. We do not even log the content of your exchanges - we only collect stats to help improve our product.
You can read our Privacy Policy page, where we tried to explain everything. If it is not sufficient, please contact us.

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Please email us!