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Collaborate across teams with clients, agencies and partners.

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Add Smooz to your team, then invite other teams.

One-click team-to-team Slack channel

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Delight clients

Agencies can open a dedicated channel with each of their clients, to get critical information and deliver results.

Share files, get quick feedback, save time and delight your clients.

Collaborate in complex projects

Project managers can work with developers and design agencies in shared channels.

Get project updates and discuss options in real-time. Smooth communication ensures your projects will move forward.

Better than single-channel guests

Invite up to 5 teams in the same shared channel.

No need to manage team members leaving/joining the project.

Add only another channel, not another team.

Delighted users

  • Optimizely
  • Segment
  • Crometrics
  • Pebble

Smooz has been a huge hit especially with our PMs, who often have 3-4 other slack teams open, struggling to keep up with all of them. Instead, we use Smooz to create client-facing channels on our Slack. This way we never have to juggle multiple Slack accounts.
One of the big value propositions of Smooz is that if we ever need to reel in an engineer from a different team, or if the client wants to invite marketing into the conversations, NO ONE has to create new accounts. It’s magical. :)

Jerome Choo PM, CROmetrics

Smooz enables me to have a direct communication channel with my top vendors. A real unfair advantage when growth hacking!

Guillaume Cabane VP Growth, Segment

Smooz is a perfect plugin, IMO. It's perfect for me... My days of going to meetings and sitting round a formica table with lukewarm water are over!

Simon Fern Owner, Dales


Pay per shared channel you create.
Joining a shared channel is free.

6 / shared channel / month
  • Send/Receive unlimited messages and files
  • Invite up to 5 teams per channel
  • Includes free video conference calls
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